Highlights of Our Collection



James Taylor Family Coverlets

The James A. Taylor Coverlet Collection, 35 hand-woven, 19th Century coverlets, including examples of overshot, double weave, summer and winter in a variety of colors.

Koval Collection

The Joe and Mary Koval Collection, 27 vintage quilts and a large collection of 18th and 19th century fabrics and toile. This collection includes a rare and stunning Baltimore Album Quilt.

The Mariner’s Compass Quilt

The Mariner’s Compass Quilt, created in 2006 by Luella Doss and Moey Anderson along with many volunteers, is  based on a design by Judy Mathieson. The quilt recognizes donors for the opening of the museum in 2011, who collectively raised over $1.3 million.



Daehnert Textile Collection

The Daehnert Textile Collection consists of over 230 objects predominantly from South and Central America but also from various countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Contains stunning examples of Ikats, embroidery, woven belts and fiber bags.

Lois Markus Lace

Collection of antique bobbin and needlepoint lace along with various pieces of tatting, armenian knitted, applique and embroidered laces collected from around Europe by Lois Markus. The collection contains pieces of Flemish, French, English, Italian and Irish lace works. Pieces range from fragments of intricate edging to bonnets, stoles, fans and doilies.



The Gross Stevengraph Collection contains nearly 300 Stevengraphs. This collection was donated to the Museum in 2014 by Peter Gross.Stevengraphs are small silk, Jacquard woven bookmarks, pictures, greeting cards and postcards. They were a popular novelty of the Victorian era. Subject matter includes royalty, political figures, ships, sports and historical events. Mr. Gross’ parents, Alfred and Florence Gross, started the Stevengraph collection. Peter Gross and his wife continued the collection started by his parents, purchasing additions while visiting England.


Virginia Avery

Virginia, known as Jinny, was a highly respected and energetic quilt maker and artist. Originally from Indiana, she eventually moved to Detroit then Port Chester, NY. She began by sewing and tailoring and ultimately teaching quilting classes. She was an advocate for wearable art, and the museum’s Virgina Avery clothing collection reflects this passion. She believed women could and should wear their artwork. Pieces in the collection include both her work and work from her students.

Kimberly Masopust Evans

Kimberly was a costume designer and wearable art artist. Her pieces have received wide acclaim for their intricacy and beauty. Following her passing, her husband donated many of her pieces to the museum, including Puff (for the Magic Dragon), Wives of Henry VIII, and Peacock, among many others.

Wives of Henry VIII is a quilted garment depicted Henry VIII of England and all six of his wives. The piece received worldwide acclaim as the winner of the Bernina Company sponsored fashion show at the Houston International Quilt Festival and was subsequently exhibited and published nationally. Ms. Evans designed and created the piece. The garment, which is primarily of velvet, is heavily embellished with beads, braids, and embroidery. The case of the ensemble is done in the Tudor style with a large, ornate stand-up collar and bulbous shoulder adornments to the sleeves. The wide sweep of the cape includes individual, detailed portraits of each of Henry VIII’s six wives.

For their long-term preservation, collections are not on view at all times.


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